Monday, 12 November 2012


So I haven't really been around much lately.  And I know that you're not sitting out there anxiously waiting for new updates/pictures, but still, I feel like I've been way too quiet recently.

There are a few reasons.  Dan's been away quite a bit which puts me on sole parenting, dog-walking, stop-the-cat-from-eating-the-house duty which all takes time.  But I'm also not in a great place right now.  More bad, crappy, life can be so terribly unfair stuff has happened, and the bounce back from that is taking a long time.

That's not to say that there's no happiness left - because there definitely is.  I cannot wait for Christmas.  Normally I don't get into the swing of things until the last moment, and then I regret how short the season is.  Not this year.  We're going to have mulled wine on the stove top from now until January.  The decoration box will come out in the next few weeks (and yup, we only have 1 box at the moment - but we WILL get more).  The cards will be sent out soon, and the presents will start to be wrapped.  I'm even going to dig out our Reggae Christmas Carol CD and put it on repeat.  

So Christmas is making me happy.  And so are small things.  I've been noticing birds a lot lately - maybe because I've been trying to look around me and appreciate what I have right now in my life, instead of walking with my head down just concentrating on putting one foot in front of another.  Today when I was driving home from getting my winter tires put on (yup, it's that time of year also), I saw a huge huge flock of those tiny little sparrow-like birds flying around.  There must have been a few hundred of them.  It was a moment of beauty and grace and magic.  A happy, life-is-great moment.

So between Christmas and the birds and the people I love, things are not so bad.  However, things may continue to be fairly quiet on this front, at least for the next little while.  

But I'll see you on the other side, and if I manage to stay quiet until Christmas (which is highly unlikely - I'll probably be back boring you with more Kalani related dramas in a week), then big fantabulous Christmas hugs to all of you.