The Sleep Diaries

My son Kalani is a bad sleeper.  Well that's not totally true actually, he's a bad sleeper-iner.  The final straw came when he started to get up before 5am, every, single, day.

In desperation I brought a toddler wake-up clock to try and get our early riser to stay in bed until a more reasonable hour.  

These are the diaries of our struggles and experiences in trying to get K to stay in bed.

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Day 1 was a surprisingly good start.
Day 2 saw Kalani's initial wake-up time extended by 15 minutes.  Woo hoo!
Day 3 sees the initial flush of enthusiasm waning.
Day 4 is the first time that K sleeps past 5am in over a week.
Day 5 continues in the same vein.
Day 6 gets us to 5:50am.  Just 10 minutes to go and we'll be in the 6 o'clocks.  Yay yay flipping yay.
The end of Week 1 continues well with the initial wake-up being one hour later than at the beginning of the week.
Week 2 shows no real improvement.
Week 3 is the end of a failed experiment.  It didn't work :(

And finally, some good news here.  The clock may not have worked, but the passage of time did.  Yay :)

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