Friday, 25 November 2011


I'm not Canadian. I don't have any interest in hockey... Not one little bit. Dan is Canadian but his interest levels are only slightly higher than mine. We don't have cable. In fact we don't even have normal, free tv.

What's my point? Well K loves loves loves hockey, or 'hock' as he calls it.

He runs around with his kiddie hockey stick, pushing a ball around (sometime on purpose, sometimes not) and yells 'hock hock hock'. It's by far his favourite game.

So where did this love come from?


Gail (his sitter) has a son called Micheal, and Michael is a hockey fanatic. Michael is also K's hero, so K now is a hockey fanatic too!

I guess that everyone needs a hero, and we're just lucky that K's hero is the 'sports-loving, go out and do stuff' kind of hero, instead of the 'smash stuff up and be a tennage lout' kind of hero.

For now anyway.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Winter Predictions

A wise woman (Dan's mum) once told me, that if all the berries on a dogberry tree (that's a rowan tree for any non-Newfoundlander's reading this), are eaten by the birds, then winter will be cold and long and miserable.  If the birds don't eat all the berries, then it's going to be a mild winter.

Walking along the trail with Jazzy, I noticed this ...

which if you can't quite make out, is a dogberry tree with no berries on it.

"Poo bum wee smelly turd face" I said to myself, "Winter is going to suck".

Jazzy and I kept going, and I was becoming more and more depressed about the thought of a long, cold, miserable winter, and then I saw this fine specimen of a tree ...

Worry over.  Obviously we're going to have an easy-peasy warm winter.

Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Walks with Jazz

A few days ago, I took Jazz for a walk along a really lovely little trail close to where we live.  The trail runs by a little stream the whole way, and it's really beautiful.  Jazzy stopped for a drink at his usual watering hole ..

and I looked down the stream ...

.. and wished that I could just leave everything behind and follow the stream to wherever it ends up.  I don't mean this literally obviously, because this stream will quite shortly end up in the Atlantic, and that's just cold and wet and miserable and not fun at all.

I love my life and I love my family, but sometimes, wouldn't it be nice to just sail away and please yourself?  I think so.

Friday, 18 November 2011


In 12 days and 15 hours time our little family (minus the pets) is headed to Australia.

I'm so excited about so many aspects of the holiday - mostly to do with family and seeing them again, but also to do with all the new experiences Kalani will have while we're there.  Beach, ocean, sun, outdoor swimming pools, sand, being naked and not freezing important parts of your body off.

I'm also looking forward to cafe's.  Somewhere you can for a coffee, or a wine, or a beer, or a meal, or a snack, or anything.  I love cafe's.

I'm looking forward to being warm.  In fact, I'll probably be far too warm the entire time we're there, but I don't care.  It's going to beat the bejesus out of being here in the cold, damp, dark dankness.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

In fact, I'm so excited about the whole holiday, that I'm blanking out the beginning and end parts from my mind.  The 'getting there' and 'getting home' parts, which are probably going to be horrendous.

How do you keep an active 1 year old on his mother's lap for 14 hours straight?  On 2 consecutive days each way?  Well you're right - it's not possible.  At least we won't get DVT.

There's a quote about focusing on the journey and not the destination.  Hmmm.... I don't think so.  For my sanity I'm going to focus on the destination, and my family, and the cafe's, and the warmth, and the beach, and just being on holiday.

Anyway, enough about that, only 12 days, 14 hours and 23 minutes to go.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Say cheese .... CHEEEEEESE

After reading this I realized that Melanie is right, we should take more pictures of ourselves as a family.  We have millions... maybe zillions of piccies of K, but hardly any of the 3 of us, and when Dan and I are gone Kalani might want to have some pictures to remember us by.

So with that in mind we spent a couple of minutes this evening taking some pictures of ourselves.  Rough start, but showing potential ...