Sunday, 22 January 2012

He's probably a musical genius!

I don't like to boast about K - in fact there very often isn't that much to boast about even though he's a wonderful little boy.  He doesn't sleep well, has begun to throw temper tantrums all the time (it's quite funny actually - he throws himself onto the floor crying - sometimes he even gets a little floor slide going with the momentum of his downward fall), and he quite frequently puts his hands in his poop when his diaper is being changed.

I also don't particularly like those mum's that do boast about their children - they p1ss me off, because to me they're just highlighting what a bad mum I am because K doesn't speak in full sentences; know how to count to 10; know to climb up a jungle gym by himself; read books with no pictures etc. etc.

BUT ...

K has just mastered playing his guitar AND a harmonica at the same time!  Now he's only 1, though he'll be 2 in just under 2 months - but I think it's pretty incredible and not just because I'm his mum, but because I can't play guitar and a harmonica at the same time.  

You may have noticed that I didn't mention the quality of the music!  I think you may have to be very closely related in order to really appreciate it :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Erm ...

Soooo,   I'm baaaaaaacccckkk.  

Perhaps you haven't noticed that I've been away, but I have, and it was fabulous.  And while I thought that I'd write lots of funny and interesting things whilst on holiday, obviously I didn't.  Not that I'm going to write anything funny and interesting now, but I'm going to try and write some stuff anyway.  I've heard it's therapeutic (oh crap - I had to look up how to spell that word - proof that my brain IS turning to mush) and stress relieving so here goes nothing ....


The highlight of my day today was catching Kalani's vomit in a tea-towel and being thankful that I caught it before it hit the floor.

*cough* Well I may need to work on the content a little!

Meg Ryan

I was shopping at Sears yesterday, trying to find a duvet cover for Kalani, when a woman (total stranger) and her husband (also total stranger) came up to me and said (something to the effect of) "Oh there you are - we've been looking everywhere for you, I'm so glad we finally found you".

Hmmm.... stalkers?

Well no.... that would be too cool.... in a creepy kind of way.

Apparently the husband had seen me walking past while his wife was in the loo, had noticed my haircut and thought his wife might like my haircut for herself.  They then ran around Sears trying to find me to ask where I'd had my hair done, because my haircut was super cool and very Meg Ryanish (<-- their words, not mine).

Ha ha ha ha - I nearly wet myself laughing.

It was nice to be semi-stalked though, and I enjoyed it for a while... until Kalani had another temper tantrum and threw himself on the floor.  Then we left.  Without a duvet cover but with a much bigger head (covered in Meg Ryanish locks - bwahahahahah).