Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Sleep Diaries: Week 1

So a week has past since we started this experiment in getting Kalani to stay in bed until a reasonable hour in the morning.  

This morning was another success.  K didn't wake up at all until just after 5:30 which is an hour later than a week ago so we're definitely making progress.  Thank goodness! :)

Here is one of the reasons that K doesn't like to stay asleep in the mornings - he wants to play (in case you can't quite make out what he's doing - that's a harmonica in his hands/mouth).

I know you want me to go to sleep Mama, but I'm playing.  Rock On!

Tomorrow I'm setting the clock for 5:45.  Too optimistic?  Perhaps.

I'm going to post weekly about this for the next little while - at least until he's consistently staying in bed until after 6.

I can't wait :)

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