Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lights Out

This morning we had a power outage.  At 5.50am.  It doesn't get light until 7ish.

So what?

Well, we also have a toddler.

I brought K into our bed since it was freezing, and to begin with it was lovely.  We snuggled down under the covers and stayed warm.

But then, Ta Da, it was time to get up.  I don't know if all kids are like this, but K doesn't seem to gradually wake up in the mornings, it's more of a quick BANG and he's up and rearing to go.  It was the same this morning.  He sat up, started waving his arms around like a helicopter, bounced around on his bum a few times and then tried to launch himself off the bed head first.

Since it was pitch black (and still technically night-time ... grrrr...  ) I put on a torch so he could see his way to walk around Jazzy.  Big mistake.  K saw the vacuum cleaner (which he's besotted with) and promptly started vacuuming the floor, the air and then the walls.  Much as I like to foster this love of cleaning (which hopefully stays around until he's a teenager), he nearly vacuumed a mirror right off the wall, so it was time to get up.  *sigh*

It was worth getting up though.  I think it was probably K's best morning ever!  We had candles, which he's never seen before and was immediately fascinated by; a fire which he has seen before, but love, love, loves AND a camp-like breakfast with lots and lots of puffed wheat (<-- favourite food of the week).

I didn't realise that power outages could be so much fun.

Next time I'd like to stay in bed though.

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