Friday, 25 November 2011


I'm not Canadian. I don't have any interest in hockey... Not one little bit. Dan is Canadian but his interest levels are only slightly higher than mine. We don't have cable. In fact we don't even have normal, free tv.

What's my point? Well K loves loves loves hockey, or 'hock' as he calls it.

He runs around with his kiddie hockey stick, pushing a ball around (sometime on purpose, sometimes not) and yells 'hock hock hock'. It's by far his favourite game.

So where did this love come from?


Gail (his sitter) has a son called Micheal, and Michael is a hockey fanatic. Michael is also K's hero, so K now is a hockey fanatic too!

I guess that everyone needs a hero, and we're just lucky that K's hero is the 'sports-loving, go out and do stuff' kind of hero, instead of the 'smash stuff up and be a tennage lout' kind of hero.

For now anyway.

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