Sunday, 20 November 2011

Winter Predictions

A wise woman (Dan's mum) once told me, that if all the berries on a dogberry tree (that's a rowan tree for any non-Newfoundlander's reading this), are eaten by the birds, then winter will be cold and long and miserable.  If the birds don't eat all the berries, then it's going to be a mild winter.

Walking along the trail with Jazzy, I noticed this ...

which if you can't quite make out, is a dogberry tree with no berries on it.

"Poo bum wee smelly turd face" I said to myself, "Winter is going to suck".

Jazzy and I kept going, and I was becoming more and more depressed about the thought of a long, cold, miserable winter, and then I saw this fine specimen of a tree ...

Worry over.  Obviously we're going to have an easy-peasy warm winter.

Fingers crossed.

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