Friday, 6 July 2012


So we made it safely back to St. John's.

The trip was long (so very very very long) and thankfully uneventful, though it had the makings of a total nightmare at the beginning when I left one of my bags in the toilet at Brisbane airport (it was still there when we went back).  

And now we're home, and it's so lovely to be home.  It always is isn't it?  I miss my family already and I'm already so very sad that I won't see them again for goodness knows how long, but it's also great to be back.  To see Dan and the pets... well, perhaps not the cat... and to be surrounded by our stuff again.  Home.  Mmmmm....

K is getting over the jet lag much better than I am.  As I type he's still asleep, but I just couldn't make it past 5am this morning, so here I am.

It's actually quite nice at this time of day - particularly when it's light outside and you're all alone.  I've just had a cup of coffee while sitting on the couch looking aimlessly out the window - not something that happens very often.  It's lovely.  And peaceful.  Perhaps I'll continue to get up earlier than K so I have this time to myself.  

Well, we'll see. :)

Here's a few pics from the end of the trip ...

You can't really see him, but on my lap is our adopted cat Oscar.  He was lovely.  Quite unlike Shumba!

Having a snack at the airport before the start of our 37, yup, 37 hour journey home

A very bright, but very cold morning at Wivenhoe Dam.  Kalani is wearing Wiggles sunglasses.  Mum is not - she's wearing normal sunglasses.

A koala purse - this season's must have accessory.

The beginning of the 'Old McDonald Has A Farm' musical extravaganza.  The shovel is a necessary prop.
Wivenhoe Dam

Eeeeekkkk Mummy
So it's good to be back.  I expect there'll be more posts coming soon.  K starts at a proper daycare centre on Monday, so that's sure to start a whinge fest from me. :)

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