Saturday, 4 August 2012

All growned up

Today I was out walking Jazzy at lunchtime.  We were strolling (slowly, because Jazzy is old and isn't so keen on his walks anymore) across a park, when I noticed a gaggle of children playing.  They ran over to pet Jazz, but before I let them I looked over to where their mothers sat, and waited until the grown-ups had seen me, thus giving their implied approval.

Afterwards as I was walking away, I realised how I'd labelled those mums.  "Grown-ups".  I was probably older than all of them, but I still look at parents as grown-ups/old, and think of myself as (relatively) young.

It's not just random strangers either.  We have friends/acquaintances who are of a similar age to us, and a lot of them I sub-consciously think of as really old, grown-ups.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because they act responsibly?

The only time I don't feel much younger than everyone else is when I'm at work and I overhear the conversations going on within the team next to me.  They're all mid 20's and their chat is always about how little they remember of their weekend, or how they have bruises all over them that they can't explain, or how much they can drink before throwing up.  

I listen to their chatter and think "Buddy, dat's nuttin'.  I was doing that 20 years ago".

And then I feel my age.  Every second of it.

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