Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And now you are 2

Today you turn 2.


That's two whole years that have gone by since you were born.

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I held you for the first time.  We were both pretty exhausted. Being born is hard work.  You were so small and scrunchy and perfect.

Then you started to grow ...

... and grow ...

... and grow ...

... and grow.

And now we're entering the third year of your existence, and still you are perfect.

Soon you won't want to hold my hand any more.  You won't want to cuddle and sit on my lap while I read you a story.  You won't let me twirl your baby curls around my finger or kiss you on your still chubby cheeks.

But for now you do.  And I love every minute of being with you, even when those minutes start way too early in the day.

So Happy Birthday little boo, let's play.

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