Friday, 9 March 2012


I've been trying really hard to find things to write about in my Things I Love About Newfoundland series, and I'm happy to report that eventually I've found something! :)

A few nights ago we had a big dump of snow, and we finally made it to the closest hill to go sliding.

If you're not from a cold snowy place, the basic concept is this ...

1. Put on a LOT of warm clothes.
2. Go to the top of a hill.
3. Sit on sliding thing.
4. Go down hill.

Pretty simple but lots of fun.

We all went down the hill together.  Then Kalani was more interested in the swings and slide in the playground than in having another go.

So I went down by myself.

Steering was a slight issue (I'm facing backwards down the hill).

Then, just before we were about to leave, Kalani decided that he did in fact want another go.  So down he and Dan went, again and again and again.


So I'm not saying that I want winter to stick around (spring starts on the 20th of this month Mother Nature, so you'd better warm up!), but I am saying that I quite like sliding, and if we do get more snow then perhaps I might enjoy going again.

PS - If anyone finds a black winter glove on the Pippy Park sliding hill, please let me know.  My hand misses it.

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