Monday, 2 April 2012


A few weeks ago, just after we'd moved out to Dan's parents place (temporarily), I was trying to get K to sleep.  Not surprisingly, given that we were in a strange room in a strange house, he just wouldn't close his eyes and go to sleep.  

Someone (I think my Mum) had told me that she'd Aum'd to her children to soothe them (Aum is that sound you make in yoga - some people spell it Om (  

Anyway, I was desperate to get him to sleep, so I tried it.

Me: "Auummmmmmmmmm"
Kalani turns around and looks at me.

Me: "Auuuummmmmmmmmm"
An impish expression appears on Kalani's face (which seems to be becoming his default expression)

Me: "Auummmmmmmmm"
Kalani: "mmmmmmmmm" 

Me: "Aum ..."
Kalani: "mmmmmmmmmm" (giggles)

Me: "Aumm ....." (giggle)
Kalani: "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" (laughs)

It ended with Dan coming into the room to take over the 'get Kalani to sleep' duty, to find both of us in fits of laughter.

So it didn't have the desired effect and he didn't go to sleep straight away, but it was a lovely joyous moment and made me truly happy.

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