Friday, 13 April 2012

Living Out Of Suitcases

During the last 5 weeks we’ve been having our bathrooms renovated, and so have been staying out with Dan’s parents in CBS.

That’s 5 weeks of long commutes (long for us anyway), a limited number of clothes to choose from, looking after Kalani by myself and constant stress about Kalani falling down the stairs/getting into the cupboard with the chemicals in it/getting into the dresser that contains the ‘good’ china etc. etc..

It’s also been 5 weeks of regularly having a dinner ready for us when we get home which is so nice and something I could easily get used to.

5 weeks of amazing views out over Conception Bay - the current view includes an iceberg that’s floating around out there.

5 weeks of TV (I’d get TV just for HGTV - that channel is made for me).

5 weeks of Kalani getting to know his grandparents a lot better, and his grandparents getting to know him (and all his screaming, yelling, 2-year old loveliness) a lot better too.

And it’s been 5 weeks of Jazz having great walks out along the oceanfront each day.

So while I can’t wait to move back into our own house, it’s also been a nice stay-cation type holiday and I return to our house slightly reluctantly.  I’ll have to start cooking again!

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