Monday, 2 April 2012


For a while now I've been practicing yoga at home.  Obviously I don't just do yoga by myself - that might give the impression that I knew what I was doing... which isn't the case.  No no no, I youtube yoga.

I set myself up on my new, very sticky yoga mat (which not only helps me stick to it, but also helps all the cat and dog hair in the house stick to it too) with the laptop on the floor in front of me and I try to stretch myself into a better body.

I subscribe to 2 excellent channels.  One has been around for a while, and I not only love the instructor, but I love love love her accent too - her name is Esther and you can find her here.  The other is a local instructor who I discovered (along with the rest of St. John's) a few years ago when I was pregnant - her name is Melanie and you can find her here.  She has an excellent accent as well :)

Anyway, so a few times a week I yoga away with one of my instructors and I think, "Yeh, I've got this.  I'm a yogi.  I look good".

Then one day I saw what I looked like when I was in Warrior 1 (which is a pretty basic pose) and very nearly gave up.  Unsurprisingly I look nothing at all like my instructors - I look like an elephant/octopus morph, but with more lumpy fatty bits.  *sigh*

Anyway, I will persevere.  Every night (or every other night if I'm being honest) I will continue to force my body into stretches and contortions and impossibleness.  I may never be perfect, I may never achieve the effortless grace that many others achieve, but I will enjoy having some time to myself in which to stretch, breathe and relax.



  1. Hi kid! I just found this website and immediately thought of you - Disclaimer: I haven't done any of them yet, although I plan to start today, so I don't know about the quality, but it seems like a great resource! In case you're in need of some new stuff. Happy Om-ing! xo

    1. Oooohh - I'll try this soon. Tonight is a 'write drivel while drinking red wine' night - perhaps tomorrow will be an 'improve yourself' evening where I can give it a go :)