Wednesday, 2 May 2012


A few nights ago I downloaded some pictures from the camera onto the PC.  Now we haven’t exactly been taking lots of photos lately, but I realised that almost all of the 120-odd photo’s were related to Kalani and vacuuming.

Not entirely a surprise since Kalani is obsessed with cleaning.  About a year ago I brought him a dustpan and brush to play with since he was showing such an interest in brooms and picking up dirt.

Now he’s totally infatuated with vacuum cleaners.

When I’m doing the washing I sometimes bring him down to the laundry with me and he opens up the utility cupboard door, stares at the vacuum cleaner and says “Oooooooooohhhh - ba-ki-kee” (a ba-ki-kee is Kalani-speak for vacuum cleaner) with delight and awe and wonder in his voice.  

He quite often tries to get Dan or myself to do the vacuuming “Dada. do. ba-ki-kee?  Clean. floors?” (he normally starts with Dada, since Mama tries not to touch the vacuum cleaner if she can help it).

However, instead of actually doing the vacuuming, he mostly just wants to watch …

and offer advice ….

Sometimes he gives it a go too …

but it’s hard to stay focused when you’re only 2 ...

and sometimes the lure of a good book is just too great.  Even when you’re doing something as exciting as vacuuming.

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  1. Love the pictures, especially the one where he's vacuuming himself! Kalani, you are too cute for words.

    We have the opposite vacuum issue - James is afraid of it and I can only vacuum when Stephen is home to take him outside!