Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Sleep Diaries: Post-End Update

Rightio - I know you’ve all missed my constant whinging about how little sleep our household gets, so I thought I’d write a quick update.

Things are actually going pretty well (touch wood, cross fingers etc. etc).  For the last few weeks Kalani has quite happily slept until after 6 most of the time.  In fact, one morning he slept until almost 7:30!

We still have days where he’s up before 6, and sometimes he’ll go back to sleep until a more reasonable time, and sometimes he won’t, but for the most part he stays in bed until after 6.

So, how did we do this?

We didn’t.  

We’ve made no changes at all.  I guess that everyone was right, and it was just a phase that he was going through (though I’d like to add that the ‘phase’ lasted from the time he was born until he was about 2!).  

Personally, even though I’ve had an extended period of interrupted sleep and crazily early mornings, I’m still happy with the way we handled it.  I’m not strong enough to let Kalani cry it out - particularly in the middle of the night.  And first thing in the morning he normally needs a diaper/nappy change straight away, and by the time that's dealt with he's wide awake, so there was never much point in then putting him back in his room, closing the door and letting him scream himself silly.  Everyone has different comfort levels though, and perhaps yours are higher (or is it lower?) than mine!

So, if you have a child who sleeps badly or wakes up far far far too early, then take heart.  When people say that it will pass once your child grows older, they’re probably right.  It doesn’t help much when you’re in the middle of a sleep-deprived haze, but just hold on to the thought that once your child is a teenager you’re going to wish they didn’t sleep as much.

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