Monday, 14 May 2012

Special Moments

On Saturday morning Kalani was up at 5:30.  In fact, every single morning since I wrote this he’s been up before 6am.  

We got up, had breakfast, then I sat on the couch with my coffee while he played with his box of blocks (trying saying “box of block’s” really quickly 5 times in a row!).

And as I sat there watching him build his towers up higher and higher I realised that I was content.  Happy.  It had only just gone 6am, it was a Saturday morning, I was up far earlier than I should have been, but I was really happy.  Happy just observing Kalani play and chatter away to himself.

It was one of those moments.  The ones that you hold on to and remember for a long time afterwards.  They don’t have to be earth-shatteringly different or amazing, they’re just special.

Really special.

Then Kalani walked over and spat out some apple peel into my hand.

*special moment over*

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