Saturday, 12 May 2012

What! No 'Me' Time?

I used to follow a blog written by a Granola Mum.  I quite liked her blog to begin with.  Her opinions on lots of parenting subjects were the same as mine, so I felt justified and comfortable with some of the choices I’ve made for Kalani.

Then she wrote a post that I totally disagreed with.  

Basically she said that the whole concept of mums needing ‘me’ time is created by society, and that mums shouldn’t need that time to themselves.  The only reason (apparently) that we think we need it, is because society tells us that we do.  We should be happy to spend every single minute of every single day with our child without needing any time away from them.

What a load of bollox.

I couldn’t spend 100% of my time with ANYONE, let alone a stubborn and sometimes very whiny 2 year old.  I DO need time to myself - not because it’s what society expects, but because if I don’t get that timeout then I will go insane.  

Now everyone has a different approach to me time - some people read, or run, or write, or exercise - by themselves.  Some people socialise or game or exercise - with others.  It’s all different, but it’s all the same concept.  Recharging.  Doing something that you want to do for yourself - not for anyone else.

Anyway, that’s all this was about.  A little mini-rant.  A chance to have some me time of my own (this is one of the most therapeutic things I do.  I guess it’s like therapy - offloading everything in my brain - whether interesting or otherwise).

Oh - I don’t follow the Granola Mum’s blog anymore.  Who needs to read things that just make you feel inadequate?

PS - This is not to say that there's anything wrong with you if you do want to spend all your time with your kids.  It's just not for everyone, and most definitely not for me.

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