Thursday, 2 February 2012

Enjoying Winter

If you don't live here in Newfoundland then you may not realize what's pretty obvious to the rest of us.  It's been snowing.  A lot.

Now I've never been one to be enthusiastic about snow, or the cold, or winter in general, but starting this year I feel that I need to make an effort to embrace winter *cringe* for K's sake.  I've even purchased a proper winter coat with this in mind.

Up until now though there hasn't really been the opportunity to get outside, owing to much illness in our household, but now we're all better and there are no more excuses.  So on Tuesday afternoon we all bundled up and went out to enjoy the snow.

Fun times.

K refused to put on his mittens even though it was about -100 outside, and as a result his hands turned bright red.

We went sliding on our newly purchased blue slidey thing.  Mind you we only went about 2 metres down a gentle slope in the front garden, but I think it still counts as sliding.  It was fun.

K used his itty-bitty shovel to move snow around.  He enjoyed it so much that Dan took him out onto the road to shovel snow there too (yes I know, we're very safety conscious parents).

So it wasn't too bad, and being outside when you're wrapped up in a cocoon like coat makes the cold almost bearable.

Bringing K inside against his will was a challenge, but we're getting used to the 'throw yourself on the ground screaming like a demented possum' tantrums now, so it too was bearable.

More snow is forecast for the weekend.  

Bring it on.

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