Saturday, 18 February 2012

Making Lists

I love making lists - I make them for everything that I have to do.  Well, almost everything.  I don't include basics such as getting dressed, going to the bathroom, etc, but pretty much everything else that I need to do in life is added to a list.

Pre-Kalani I used to make lists too, but more because I'm fairly anal and like to be organised.  Now I make them because my brain has turned to mush, and if I don't write something that I need to do down on a list then it will never get done.

Iin the months after K was born we moved house which needed some organisation.  When I was asked for our phone number I simply couldn't remember.  I ended up having to write it down on pieces of paper all over the house, so that if I was put on the spot then I wouldn't look/sound like a total eejit.

Anyway, my brain hasn't improved much since then (possibly because I still get very little sleep), and while I now remember my phone number most of the time, I don't remember much else.

I like lists as well as needing them, they make me feel like I'm achieving something in my life - even if it is just sewing a button back on a top, or picking up the dry-cleaning.  The feeling of closure that I get when crossing a task off my to-do list is very satisfying.

Rightio, where's today's list?  I have something to cross off.

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  1. I. Hear. You. Had to respond right away so I wouldn't forget...