Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snow Days

Okay, okay, okay.  I know I only just wrote about how I'm going to make a conscientious effort to enjoy winter and all the snowy, icy delights that come with it, but I lied.

Today in St. John's there is a blizzard which is apparently going to last for 30 hours. Eeek.  Before K came along I enjoyed snow days, as long as I didn't have to go outside and do anything.  I'd sleep in, potter around in the kitchen, play my game (WoW, and no I don't play much anymore, no, I haven't 'finished' it yet, and no, I'm not really any good at it but I enjoy bashing the shmidt out of things), have a nap, read my book and start drinking at a very early hour - basically have a selfish, just doing things for me, type day.

Now things are quite different.  

There is no sleeping in, in fact we seem to wake up earlier than normal.  There is no playing WoW or pottering  around in the kitchen.  

There is however reading books - even if it is reading The Gruffalo 197 times during the day.  There is also napping (with Kalani, in an attempt to recover from the pre-6am wake up) and early drinking (in an attempt to recover from the day).

That's not to say that I don't enjoy spending time with K - I do, and we normally have fun, it's just that I'm not a 'stay at home with the kids all day' type of Mum.  I normally only manage to keep us sane by getting out of the house as much as possible during the day - even if it's just to go to the shops, at least it's an outing.  So on snow days when we're stuck inside all day, I tend to feel trapped.

Anyway, we'll see how today pans out.  It's 7am and we've already had breakfast, read books, done some drawing (of the coffee table and guitar), played with play-dough, and we're now onto the 'play guitar and sing, whilst sitting on the toy car going round and round the house' game.

Now when can I have that glass of wine?

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